Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day Fourty-Two

Ughhhhh. Moan. Complain. Whine like an infant. I don'ts feels goods. The boys woke up snot covered and sounding like Marge Simpson, and I woke up with the worst of the worst for me; a sore throat. And who do I turn to in my time of need? My good ol' pal, tea. Ignoring the fact that I drink at least 3 cups of tea min. a day regardless of being sick, it always manages to make me feel a little better. And bonus points for my cute puppy mug.
You can thank me for the lack of pictures of the snotty kleenex mountain my children are creating.


Devan said...

Feel better soon everyone! And thanks for the missing snotty kleenex mountain pic. LOL!