Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day Fifty-One

So I'm pretty sure this sounds nuts, but I wouldn't be me otherwise. Sometimes, when I'm having a terrible day I believe my grandfather, who passed away nearly 11 years ago, leaves me hearts. I see them everywhere when I least suspect them. I've seen them marble tiles, in the way my drink spills, in crumpled paper. I've had a pretty crappy week, and over the last two days I've spotted these two. Thanks for the love Grampa. I hear you.


Devan said...

I think its beautiful, not nuts at all.

Matilda said...

oh wow, that is so beautifully sweet.

And a heart isn't just a shape that can just happy like a square, it has a specific meaning iykwim.

He is def looking out for you that's for sure.