Friday, March 12, 2010

Day Sixty-Six

Ugh, this person. I've spent nearly 24 hours with this person. She's used my make-up brushes, made me straighten her hair, used my make-up, was totally un inspiring during this morning's glucose screening... Gosh Holly... I pack a chainsaw.


Anonymous said...

YOU SLUT! i was very nice to you with you. i waddled my little ass down here all by myself and watch your children for you. and then they decided to poop and scream and i managed to do it. and then i went and faced my fear of needles so you wouldnt have to be all by yourself. i chilled with your children and woke you up with tom jones and maqde sure you had your half of the bed. and i just spit on you. so pfftt to you.

Angie said...

Have I ever mentioned how much I <3 ur blog? :D:D